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The Humane BugCatcher

* Safe * Easy to Use * Eco Friendly
* No Pesticides * No Poisons * No Contact
* No Killing * No Mess


The battery operated bug trap that vacuums up live bugs. Catch Spiders, Cockroaches, Bees, Wasps and other insects and bugs safely - no chance of stings or bites. Remove bugs and insects from your home easily at arms length. Simply point and press, it’s that easy!


The Humane Bug Catcher is a battery operated “Magic Wand” that can take spiders and insects off ceilings, walls and almost anywhere else. It can also take bees, wasps and flies out of the air. Allows safe removal of nuisance bugs from your home without harm.


OK, I guess not many of us actually like bugs and spiders do we? And even if we do like them, we really aren’t very happy when creepy crawlies and other bugs and insects decide to invade our home are we?


What do you do when you find a big hairy huntsman spider on your bedroom ceiling? Well, my solution used to be “watching it”. Yep, you got it. I was too scared to go near it. I couldn’t kill it. So I watched it. What else was I going to do?


What about cockroaches? I get creeped out by cockroaches, especially when they lay on their backs and “play dead”! When I finally get the courage to sweep them up into a dust pan they miraculously spring to life.....they wiggle their legs and give me that malicious smile, as much to say “gotcha”. I drop the dustpan and broom and run, screaming like a mad woman - NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! I have a totally irrational fear of cockroaches and am totally powerless to do anything, except run away.


How about flying bugs and other gross little creatures? Wasps, bees, flies, ants and all those horrid little things. What can you do when these bugs and insects invade your home? Spray insects with pesticide… Hmmm, I am a murderer and I am also poisoning the air we breath… and YUK, I still have to pick it up! Murder bugs with a big shoe… Hmmm - still a murderer and I still have to clean up the mess… eeewwwww! Pick creepy crawlies up and put them outside… Yeah right!


Needless to say, none of the above was ever going to happen for me… until I found… The Humane Bug Catcher.


Now don’t get me wrong. I am still totally creeped out by bugs, spiders and all of the other gross insects, but at least now I am able to get the creepy crawlies out of my house. The Humane Bug catcher is a clean, safe and eco friendly solution to your house invading bug and insect problem.

Take control - Don’t be a “Scaredy Cat” anymore -

Note: Prices are for postage within Australia. If you require international postage, please contact us and advise the quantity required and your location.


Simple and easy instructions

For spiders and other crawling bugs.

Remove the end cap from the clear tube. Press button to start motor and approach the bug. When you get the end of the tube within about 2.5cm (1 inch) the bug will be sucked into the tube.


Step 1 - Turn the Bug Buster Vacuum upright so the open end is pointing upwards. This stops the bug from climbing out. Replace the end cap.


Step 2 - Take the bug as far away as you want and remove the end cap. Invert the tube at arms length near the ground to allow the bug to escape.


For wasps, bees flies etc

  • Remove the end cap from the clear tube.
  • Wait until the insect approaches a window and starts to ‘hover’.
  • Press button to start motor and keep it pressed as you approach the insect.
  • When you get close enough the insect will be sucked into the tube.
  • Replace the end cap and release the button.
  • Take the insect outside and remove the end cap to release.


To replace battery

  • Remove the rounded black end cap. Remove battery and replace battery. Replace end cap.
  • Uses 1 x PP3 9V2 Battery. We recommend using a good quality battery for optimum performance.